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Which roof will suit your house? The Pros & Cons defined for you.


As the process of building your home nears completion, you have to take into consideration the roof. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Not only does a roof reflect the style and appearance of your home, but it also effects the value of your property. The issue is that there are many different types of roofs to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. As building experts, we know a thing or two about which roof works best, so we have compiled a list below:

Cement/Concrete Roof:
Considered the cheapest roofing option compared to others. It is the strongest, being that once installed (and installed correctly) it can last a lifetime. Being that concrete is made with strong materials (obviously), it can withstand the natural elements better than other roofs.

The con is though that concrete roofs need consistent and regular maintenance to ensure that there is no build up of water or, worse, moss. Even though it might last the distance, there are added costs to keeping it at its premium best.

Terracotta Roofs:
Out of all the roofing choices, this is the one that defines itself the most. You can instantly tell when a house has a terracotta roof thanks to its distinct and defined style. The thing is that because a terracotta roof suits a particular, it does not mean it will suit your house. That’s the trick with terracotta roofs – they only work on certain houses.

A house can seem very out of place if it has a terracotta roof and it does not match it. This roofing choice is more about style and appearance than anything else – as it can withstand Melbourne’s erratic weather and doesn’t need regular maintenance. But as mentioned, it is about style.

Metal Roofs:
Considered one of the more popular choices for new home builders, metal roofs are known for their resistant to the Melbourne’s wild weather, their long-life and their easy installation process.

The drawback is that metal roofs are more expensive that other options. The upside though is that thanks to its durable standards, it requires less maintenance and repairs throughout the years. Therefore it could be a firm and solid investment.

Slate Roofs:
The “Gold Standard” of roofs.

Slate roofs are everything you could want: strong and durable, resistant to extreme and erratic weather conditions, endless lifespan and more important, maintenance free. Slate roofs are exceptionally crafted and that is the reason these roofs are considered the optimum in roofing.

The downside is (of course there has to be one, or everyone would have it), is the price. Installing slate roofs and the actual price of the product itself is extremely high. It takes a while to install the roof and roof contractors are not cheap. Don’t though, commence a DIY slate roof project, you’ll probably end up causing more problems.

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