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Which roof suits your house?


It’s time for a new roof on your home but which type should you choose? There are so many different types and each one offers their own unique features and benefits. Trying to figure out which type of roof you should get can be overwhelming and confusing which is why we have chosen to help you by giving a quick reference guide to choosing a roof that best suits your home.

  • Style of your home – What type of style is your home? Does your home have a vintage, antique, Victorian, or other time specific style to it? If this is the case you will want to choose a roof that coordinates and even accents your style of home. You wouldn’t want to put on a bright orange terra cotta roof on your Victorian style home, it just wouldn’t look right.
  • Personal Style – Which do you prefer terra cotta roofs, metal roofs, or the regular shingled roofs, or some other type of roof? Your personal preference and likes as well as dislikes need to be taken into account when trying to decide on which roof to put onto your home.
  • Style of roof – When deciding on the type of roof that best suits your home you also need to take into account the style of your roof. Do you have a very high pitched roof? Maybe you have the traditional style pitched roof, some roof coverings can only be used with certain roofing styles so be sure to take this into account when looking for your new roof.
  • Budget – Another major factor in choosing the style and type of roof for your home depends on your budget. Some roofing options can be quite expensive, especially when you are getting into the luxury ones. Take a look at all your options before deciding on one style, for every one decorative roof there are many more budget friendly styles too.

Since your roof will typically be on your home for twenty years (if not more) you want something that is perfect and that you like. The last thing you want is to have the roof completed only to realise you can’t stand it, while painting is easy to redo re-shingling a roof is not quite as easy. Remember the roof is one aspect of your home you won’t want to “skimp” on, spend the extra money if you can and get yourself a good roof that will last you awhile.


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