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Things to Consider When Planning Your Home’s Layout


Whether you are looking to extend your home or build from scratch, one of the major factors to consider is the layout that will be most beneficial for you and your family. A layout determines the overall functionality of your home, how you will move along and conduct activities day in and day out. With this in mind, choosing between various options including the main “one storey or two storey” debate can be a little overwhelming. There are a few things to keep in mind during the decision making process that will help you make the best choices when it comes to the layout of your home.


While two storey homes provide more flexibility as far as the layout of rooms, giving you two options of where to place them, stairs may not be ideal for families with young children or elderly family members. On the other side of the coin, for families who have kids in the older age range, a two storey home may be what they are seeking in order to have more privacy and distinction between living spaces.

Your home’s final appearance after it is built or extended will define how others perceive it. Thinking long term, a well designed exterior will allure future home buyers and add value to your home. Two storey homes tend to be more eye catching, especially when built on a sloping block; Two storey homes also allow a smaller portion of land to be used since they are built vertically, leaving more room for exterior features such as patios, swimming pools, etc.

Depending on the size of your family, you will wish to establish a size that is comfortable for all of you. For this factor, you may wish to think long term. If you are planning to extend the family in the future, perhaps consider adding at least one spare room, or going towards a larger layout than it would be for the amount of family members you have in the present.

Budget, Cost, and Value
Size goes hand in hand with value; whether you choose to pay more on a large block for a spacious one storey house, or a smaller block for a bit more costly construction on a two storey home, the goal is to have the benefits of your layout outweigh the costs in order to generate value. The truth of the matter is that with either choice, you will spend the money either on the cost of land, or on the cost of construction. Functionality will be the ultimate measure of your cost and savings.

Throughout the home building and extending processes, it is essential to think long term in order to make educated decisions on what will suit your family best. Consider how many people will eventually be residing in your home, and what kind of features you would like to have space for. Finding a balance between costs and convenience is key in order to acquire the best possible value. With careful thought, you will design a layout that will be ideal not just now, but for years to come.

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