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The three key questions you have to think about before rebuilding your home


Whether you are building a new home or just rebuilding your existing home there are many things you should consider before taking the plunge into the rebuilding project. Luckily we have taken the guess work out of rebuilding your home and put together a list of three of the most important and common questions you have to think about before rebuilding your home. *Please note for the purpose of this article we are focused on rebuilding your home.*

  • Do you need the home to be larger?
    This question might seem silly at first until you sit down and really consider it. If you are a new homeowner you might need to consider what will happen if your family grows in the future, and if that is the case how big of a family would you like? Are you going to have children share rooms or each have their own? This is the point where you should draw up or at least write out in detail what you would like and where along with different things you consider must have items or items that are would like to have but not necessities. These added details will not only help you decide how you want your home to be but also help the contractors know what you want and this can better provide estimates and help keep communication open and everyone on the same page.
  • Can we afford it?
    Rebuilding a home is no small project nor does it have a small price tag, even if you have family or friends who are skilled and can help it will still have a cost. While rebuilding is costly is it a cost that will in time pay for itself. Once your home is rebuilt you will begin to collect equity in your home and this over a time span of years will hopefully make your home worth more than you paid to have it rebuilt, giving you a profit if you should choose to sell in the future.
  • Have you weighed the pros and cons thoroughly?
    While this again may seem silly, of course you have you have dreamed of rebuilding for years and now you have the time, money and patience. But what I am suggesting is make a thorough pro and con list and break it apart into the smallest details you can to ensure you are positive you are ready for this, because once you begin there is no turning back. When you choose to rebuild just know things will be torn apart and chaotic until the project is done but that is all part of the fun and excitement of rebuilding a home.

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