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The Hidden Costs of Building On A Sloping Block


There’s no doubt that sloping blocks can provide you with some of the most beautiful homes and views available. That said, some people are caught off guard when they receive their final quote, only to find a series of hidden costs on the bill.

That’s why we’re here to help you out. There are hidden costs in almost everything in the construction or service industry, but we’re here to help you prepare when it’s time for your next project.

The Property


Building on a sloping block can mean you will have additional challenges compared to building on a flat uninteresting block. Obviously the degree of slope, whether it slopes up or down, is there access for construction equipment, vehicles and material delivery. All these things need to be taken into consideration when selecting your block.

It is very important that your prospective builder/designer visits your block so that all of these conditions can be taken into consideration when designing your home and giving you a realistic quotation to build.

Soil Tests and Survey


Soil tests and site survey are essential for a builder/designer to be able to do their job and accurately quote to build. Whilst you can go out and get a company to do this for you prior to speaking to a builder, you are much better off speaking to the builder first and getting them to arrange for these tests to be done. The builder will be able to get these tests done much cheaper than you.

Depending on what the soil test shows will dictate how the foundations will need to be designed to compensate for any issues like “fill”, “rock”, proximity of large trees, moisture content, drainage and soil type.



When your contractor first visits the property, he or she will be able to tell right away if there are any obstacles that might impact the build. These obstacles can include things like boulders and trees that need to be removed from the property.

The problem is that your contractor can’t always foresee obstacles beneath the surface of your land. If he or she is trying to place your foundation and discovers a large boulder in the place, you’ll have to pay more money to have it removed from your property.

In some cases, your contractor will have to bring special equipment to the site, and if the equipment is hard to access or if the obstruction is extremely large, it could cost you a significant amount of money. For this reason, you should ask your contractor about the possible costs of this occurring and put money aside for dealing with obstacles.



If you’re planning to have a building constructed on a sloping block, you’re likely concerned about the possible costs involved. We’ve all heard the horror stories of sloping blocks costing families hundreds or thousands more than they expected. This is one of the reasons that people are wary about sloping blocks.

That said, sloping blocks provide a significant number of benefits that outshine the negatives of hidden costs. Once you’re prepared for these extra fees, you’ll find that having your home on a sloping block is one of the best decisions you can make. For more information or to set up your consultation, contact our team today.

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