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Spring Refreshments: Six Pointers for Refreshing Your House


Spring is officially in the air, so it is time for some spring cleaning, with some added refreshments. Those “refreshments” being your house. As a sloping company dedicated to providing our customers and followers with advice on how to maintain their house so they can get the best value, we have some useful small tips to “refresh” your home for spring.

Declutter and then make more space within your house
Most of the time your house looks so full is because it’s overloaded with items that you don’t really need. Extra pillows, extra lamps, boxes and cabinets loaded with useless junk, condense the space in your house. A trick to refreshing your house is to start the spring cleaning by decluttering all the useless junk, opening up more space in your house and giving you the space needed to make any changes.

Give your front yard a little bit of a makeover
It’s the first impression your family, friends and guests see when they come to yours. So it’s up to your to make it sparkle in the spring sunlight. Giving your front door a nice new paint coat could do wonders; so too would planting some nice new flowers, plants and trees. Feel free to also change your house number plates and colours. These little changes can make a huge difference.

Get the landscaping dreams started.
Similar to the front yard: take a look into reorganising or even recreating the landscaping around your house. This could be installing a pool, adding a water feature or adjusting your backyard to create a more gorgeous garden. Spring is the time for the outdoors to really come alive, so adding some minor additions can do wonders.

Make some room for the light
Now we head back indoors, and the idea to bring the light back inside. When you’re decluttering and making space in your house, think about bringing the nature light into the house. You can do this by clearing out objects that block windows or replacing windows with larger glasses (and smaller panels).

Bring the outdoors inside.
Why limit plants just to the outdoors? One great way to “spring” up your house is by bringing the outdoors inside. Plants, pots and flowers are always great can do wonders for spicing up your house. Even fake-plastic flowers are great if you don’t have the time to constantly maintain organic pure plants.

Repaint parts of your house.
Sometimes a bit of a colour change can do a lot of wonder. Noone says you have to completely repaint the whole house, just a small wall, indoor or outdoor can make a lot of difference. Going for a lighter colour, especially in this spring time is ideal. The new colour will give you the feeling that you’re somewhere new and different.


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