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Simple Exterior Home Decorating


The exterior of your home is the first impression that people have when they visit you or even simply drive by. Spending a little bit of time and money on this aspect of your property is just as necessary as the interior; it will not only make you proud to gaze at it every time you arrive home, but it will also be appealing to others, and in the long run potential buyers, which will make selling your home much easier should you ever choose to do so.


Front Yard Decorations

whether you have a small or large front yard, adding a bit of decor in this area will be the first step to giving your place an inviting atmosphere. A traditional way is by utilising plants and flowers throughout. If space is quite limited, consider using hanging plants that will not obstruct any pathways or take over too much space. It is important to note that while plants can be a beautiful way to decorate the exterior of your property, if they are not cared for properly their presence will backfire and not look as appealing.


Lighting is another way to include decorations. Lantern lighting, or landscape lighting are both good methods to spark the entrance of your home. If you have a plain footpath or driveway that can use a little bit of adornment, consider lining them with lights that will guide your guests and make your home look beautiful at night time.


Simple Furniture Pieces for Deck or Porch

While you may not spend as much time outdoors as you do indoors, adding furniture to the outdoors section of your home will grant you the opportunity to have yet another place to lounge and relax. Adding a swing, or a side table with a couple of chairs will add charm and personality. There is no need to get too much into detail or purchase an entire furniture set, you will often find that keeping it simple with subtle pieces will work best.


Colour accents

Accents can be added throughout the exterior of your home and they create an eye catching effect. Try utilising colours that will provide contrast but will not clash drastically with the colour pattern that you already have in place. You can start by using coloured pots for plants, or acquiring outside furniture pieces that are subtle yet appealing to the eye.



While fences to provide a sense of privacy and are useful as far as home security, the right fence can add an incredibly amount of character to any home. For a happy medium, we recommend low lying fences which are able to provide the aspect of privacy while not obstructing the views of your home, keeping it looking as inviting and charming as ever. Depending on the setting of your home, your budget, and neighborhood, you may want to explore different options as far as the materials and patterns that would be most ideal.

Caring for your home’s exterior does not always have to mean spending a massive amount of time and money on maintenance. Simple and basic decorations are a subtle yet effective way to achieve the unique look you have always dreamed of for your home without making drastic changes. Get creative and give your outdoors a make over!

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