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Hidden costs to be aware of before you build your house


When it comes down to building your house, you can never assume how much it going to cost. There are a lot of hidden costs when building your dream home and if you are not aware about them, it’s going to see your budget get hit hard.

Soil & Contour Tests:
Before your builders are allowed to commence your project, they need to do two tests: soil and contour. And these tests can be pricey. Soil is tested to see if there are going to be any problems when building commences, such as if the house will sink in future or not. A contour test checks the slope of the land to see if any adjustments are needed when building commences.

You will know this after the contour test to see if your piece of land is on a slope. The general rule is that the bigger the slope, the more it is going to cost you when you build your house. Be prepared for it.

Site costs and connections:
This is probably the biggest cost when it comes to building your house. Remember that you’ll have to connect your house to the water system, the power lines for electricity, the gas line, the telephone line and the sewage system. All these are connections that need to be made, and you will need an expert to do it for you. Be well aware of these extra costs.

How are you going to walk in your house if you don’t have the floors to walk on? Most homes install a concrete slab, but it is up to you to decide what flooring you want to have: carpet, tiles, wood, floorboard ands so forth. These installations are not cheap.

Government fees and taxes:
Of course the government wants something from you when you build a house. Make sure you look at the government stamp duty, registration and other government fees and taxes that might come back and hurt your hip pocket.

Closing roads and stopping traffic:
Builders might require to close the road when they build your house. In some cases, councils will charge you fees for interrupting the roads and traffic flow. Talk to your local council to see what fees that might incur on you.

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