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Benefits of building on a sloping block


Typically, when people think of building on a sloping block they come up with a range of negative reasons as to why they should avoid it – it will be too hard, it will be too expensive, the house will be too hard to access with a steep driveway, we will miss out on valuable space – you get the picture. However, in reality, this is not the case at all! Below I will share with you a few of the reasons why building on a sloping block is actually beneficial.

First and foremost, building on a sloping block allows you to live in a unique home, one that has not been replicated hundreds of times elsewhere. One that is absolutely, 100 percent unique to the needs of you and your family. Because the house will need to be designed to suit the nature of the land it really will be a one of a kind design.

It is more than likely that your home will need to be designed with multiple stories which allows you to have separate living areas on different levels. This allows you to choose exactly how you want your house to be designed and how you want the dynamics of your house to run. For example, you could choose to have all of the bedrooms upstairs and the living areas downstairs or perhaps you would like to solely have the master bedroom upstairs or the likes.

Again, because your house is likely to have multiple levels or be built onto a higher level of ground it has the makings for brilliant views! Given it has been designed to align with the sunrise and/or sunset, there really is nothing better than watching this from the comfort of your own home! In turn, the ability to utilise natural light will allow for cheaper power bills.

There is no better feeling than getting home after a long day of work, being able to drive straight into the garage, get out of the car, open the door and wallah – you are inside your home! This is especially the case when it’s raining, or even on those days when you have a car packed full of things which you would usually try lug in all at once – now you have the novelty of not having to rush to do these trips as you can pop down to the garage and get things at your own leisure, due to having a garage that is connected to your home.

Because you are on a sloping block any excess water will naturally drain off your property. This is a great money saving tool as you will not have to invest in an expensive drainage system nor will you have to worry about flooding in the case of heavy rain.

As you can probably tell, we are very passionate about building on sloping blocks as we know first hand, just why they are so great! If you’re convinced, get in touch with us today to find out more!

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