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Areas to Focus on When Remodelling Your Hom


Remodelling a home or a specific party of a home is known to be a great way to add property value for potential resale in the future. With this in mind, it is important to note that although remodelling could add value, it does not mean that it necessarily will. Adding the right features, or perhaps revamping key spaces in a strategic manner will allow you to make the most out of your remodelling budget. On the contrary, spending time and money on “not-so-important” features may end up backfiring and not being a savvy investment after all. We’ve compiled some tips for you to think about when deciding which areas of your home deserve to get a makeover!


Kitchens are one of the spaces that prospective owners examine most carefully. So much time is spent in the kitchen by all family members, and for that reason you should aim to make it as appealing as possible. It is important to find a good middle ground between aesthetically pleasing and functional. Changing an entire setup may be costly, and in reality you could probably do just as well keeping the original set up and just changing more specific features such as countertops and cabinets.

2. Exterior

We have said it plenty of times and we will say it yet again; first impressions are everything! When visitors or prospective home buyers approach your home, they are immediately assessing the property from the minute they set eyes on the driveway. Due to this, investing in your garden, paving, and landscape, and overall exterior look will always be a smart idea. If you are looking for simple yet effective ways to refresh this area, consider perhaps fresh coat of paint, or placing a bit more effort on grooming your plants and garden.

3. Bedrooms

While all bedrooms are important, no one bedroom should be more eye-catching or attention grabbing than the master bedroom of a home. If your master bedroom is perhaps missing that “WOW” factor, or lacking in space, a remodelling or expansion will certainly be a well worth investment. On the other hand, paying attention to rooms that taylor to younger generations may not be as smart. In reality, it is adults who make decisions about whether or not to buy a home, while kids have very little influence. While adding features for kids may be a great way to appeal to families, you may find it difficult to create that same appeal for a couple that does not have children and would rather utilise the space for other purposes.

4. Bathrooms

Like the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most frequently utilised spaces of homes. Due to this, the wear and tear throughout the years calls for a periodical and much deserved remodeling session. Depending on your budget, we recommend beginning with the master bathroom, and then moving forward with bathrooms closest to communal areas such as the living room and guest rooms. These bathrooms typically get utilised by visitors, other family members, and it is essential that they remain in good condition.

5. Don’t Get Too Specific

If you are planning to live in your home long term, then investing in rooms or features tailored to one of your specific hobbies and likes may actually be a great idea. However, if your current property is temporary, having a personalised area may not be very wise. The idea is essentially to keep every space versatile so that it is easy for future owners to utilise the space according to their own likes.

While we do not discourage you from remodelling or enhancing your home the way you want, we definitely do advise you to make an educated decision before moving forward with anything. Thinking about longevity and the return of investment that each modification will give you will allow you to not only have a beautiful remodelling, but also one that fits within your budget!

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